Pink Furby

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where we will give you the latest and greatest information on the fabulous little critters: THE FURBYS. There are so many New Furbies to chat about.

The most popular Furby Colors are:

  Pink Furby or Furby Pink         and        Furby Boom Polka Dots


Furby pink

Pink Furby

Furby Boom Polka Dots

Furby Boom Polka Dots

How does the New Furby Store site work

We will give you all the details on the latest Furby Review of the latest generation including the best seller and easy access to find your favourite Furby or Furby Boom critters & Furby Colors.

There is a fantastic range of Furbys for Sale.

Here's a list of Furby Names,  Categories & Furby Colors

  • Furby
  • Furby Boom
  • Furby Party Rocker
  • Furby Plush

There are many Furby Colors and designs available some of which include

  • Pink Furby sometimes known as Furby Pink
  • Purple Furby sometimes known as Furby Purple
  • Furby Boom Polka Dots
  • Furby Boom Straight stripes
  • Furby Teal sometimes known as Teal Furby
  • Furby White sometimes known as White Furby
  • Black Furby sometimes known as Furby Black
  • And there’s many other Furbies for Sale.

Watch the Furby Video on this page to see what all the excitement is about.

The Furbys are here and ready to take the world by storm.  You can:

  • Hold it
  • Pet it
  • Feed it
  • Tickle it
  • Shake it
  • Play music for it
  • Download the free Firby  app
  • And much more.......

Your  Pink Furby has a mind of its own and has likes and dislikes just as we do. Depending on how you treat it will determine its personality,  for example, by the way you tickle it, feed it, shake it, pull its tail, speak to it or  by turning it upside down. As you shape your New Furby personality you will learn that it can be unpredictable so you need to be careful how you treat it. You never know how your Furbi will react and it may get along with some Furbies, but not others. It’s so exciting!!!!!

When you first meet your Furby it will only speak furbish but the amazing thing is that it will start speaking  English the more you play with it. There is even a furbish dictionary or a free Furby Boom App that will translate furbish into English for you.

You can pretend to feed your Pink Furby with your finger and get the free Furby app where you can virtually feed your Ferbie. You can even feed it something hot and see the fire in its eyes. You can feed your Furbees all different kinds of food to see how it reacts. It all depends on the personality it has and you may be surprised at what it says and does.

New Furby 2012, Furby 2013 and soon Furby 2014 all found here.

I am an owner of one of the original Furbys so I pulled it out (a couple of them actually) to give a good comparison.

A quick crash course in Furby: Furbys are interactive robotic pets with various modes of interaction to which they respond, Furbys are loud and have no off switch (You have been warned!!!) but will go to sleep if you leave them alone for a bit. To wake them simply tilt them. Furbys begin to speak in "furbish" which is their own simplistic language. As time goes on they learn English one word at a time replacing their own furbish vocabulary. These take 4 double-A batteries which are not included and have 9 methods of interaction: Shake Furby, tilt Furby, feed Furby (with your finger or a free I-pod app), pet Furby, tickle Furby, talk to Furby, pull Furbys tail, introduce two furbys to each other, and play music for Furby. Read more at amazon.com Patricia D. McCoy

My gramdauther loved it. She is having so much fun. It talks and communicate like a friend.

Read more at amazon.com Rosa Alba

My daughter really love it!!! It is very fun and fluffy! It is a toy that entertains the whole family! Read more at amazon.com

Marta Garabedian

Even knowing all the cons about the Furby (he does not have an off button, consumes a lot of battery) the joy of my daughter is priceless! Read more at amazon.com KAREN DE B BARBOSA

My doughter is loving her Furby.
It is too sweet. Read more at amazon.com

Ailton Cabral

Thanks for the prompt delivery. The product is perfect and just what I ordered. My daughter will love it. Read more at amazon.com

donna hogan

I guess I am a kid at heart. I bought it for myself and I love my furby..read more at amazon.com


my little girl loves this over priced toy. my only compliant other than the price is that i lost my i-phone to my daughter lol. Read more at amazon.com

Kenneth L Cross